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Meet the Little Travel team


Hi, my name is Robert, and I am the Head of Product for Little Travel Europe! I enjoy mountainous landscapes and have a passion for skiing. My love for travelling the United States was sparked back in 2019 when I visited the Blackfeet Nation in Northern Montana near Glacier National Park. I soon learned that North America is the ideal destination for our way of travelling: "off the beaten track", close to nature and through the eyes of the locals.

Since 2019 I have travelled extensively throughout North America, building Little America from the ground up. I am always looking for in unique places with special, small-scale accommodations and guides who wouldn't otherwise have access to the European market.

I hope that through Little America, that I can introduce people to the authentic North America and to give them a truly special, local experience.

Discovering the unique versatility of a place on the other side of the world is a special experience that I want to experience again and again.

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