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You will be working with travel enthusiasts who love Canada and the United States. Some of our team members were born and raised there, while others have lived, worked, and travel there extensively. And our founder, Andrew Morten, is a Kiwi with over 15 years experience in the travel industry. So, without further ado, it’s time for an introduction:

USA Montana Indigenous Robert Tony 1


Hi, my name is Robert, and I am the Head of Product for Little Travel Europe! I enjoy mountainous landscapes and have a passion for skiing. My love for travelling in the United States was sparked back in 2019 when I travelled through the Rockies and visited the Blackfeet Nation near Northern Montana's Glacier National Park.

Get in touch with me at robert@littletravel.eu

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LA team Priscilla Ootes Melse


Hi, my name is Priscilla, and I am the Product Manager for the United States at Little Travel Europe! It is amazing to meet all different kind of people and set up and maintain partnerships with the most incredible hosts, who are so proud of their unique hidden gem.

Get in touch with me at priscilla@littletravel.eu

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Sjanneke headshot


Hi, my name is Sjanneke! I am the Product Manager for Canada and Alaska at Little Travel Europe, and have nearly 20 years of experience in the tourism industry.

Get in touch with me at sjanneke@littletravel.eu

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LA team pic Thies headshot


Hi there, my name is Thies! I am a Product Manager with Little Travel Europe, and what I really value in my work as a product manager is that I get to meet so many amazing people throughout the United States and Canada.

Get in touch with me at thies@littletravel.eu

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LA product team Floriaan photo travel


Hi, my name is Floriaan Snijder, and I am a Product Manager. My job allows me to travel overseas regularly. On these trips, I get to meet the most amazing people and visit the unique and diverse places.

Get in touch with me at floriaan@littletravel.eu

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LA product team Yuri


Working as a Product Manager, I get to contribute to finding the unique places normally our clients would not visit. That’s why I really enjoy the contact with our suppliers and being able to get to know their accommodation or activity even better to give our clients an authentic experience in North America.

Get in touch with me at yuri@littletravel.eu

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